Why I have a personal Advisory Board - and so should you

Nov 20, 2020

Time for my traditional Reinvention Weekly - and this week we're talking about a personal reinvention hack that provided SO much benefit in my life that I simple have to share it!

So, here is the thing.

To reinvent on time, to stay relevant, to notice trends before they hit us, it's crucial to develop a system for anticipating change.

Trusting a chance or getting occasional input at a conference or industry-specific publication worked well when things were more stable, but in todays volatile unpredictable world, missing a trend might cost you your business - or career.

In companies, we build a trend-watching system that works like a clock - providing regular timely warnings for threats and opportunities emerging on the horizon.

But about us as individuals?

How do we stay on top of trends that might disrupt our life and career?

How do we make sure we do this systematically - rather than rely on "happy accidents" to help us stay future-ready?

My answer? Create a...

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The biggest mistake when dealing with crises 🧐

Nov 13, 2020

Throughout my 26 years of working with crises, I have seen a lot of breakthroughs - and a lot of mistakes.

But there is one mistake, which, in my opinion, is the most dangerous, the most fundamental, and the most common.

Which one? What comes to mind?  


The biggest mistake that has killed the vast majority of organizations in the recent decades is treating each crisis as something rare, unique, and isolated.

An economic crisis? We come together for a big tense meeting, we brainstorm, develop an action plan, tightened our belts, and brace until the worse is over.

A new challenging demand from a client (a supplier, a governmental agency, a partner)? We come together for a big tense meeting, we brainstorm, develop an action plan, tightened our belts, and brace until the worse is over.

COVID-19? We come together for a big tense meeting, we brainstorm, develop an action plan, tightened our belts, and brace...

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Oh my goodness!

Oct 29, 2020

"The Chief Reinvention Officer Handbook: How to Thrive in Chaos" is finally here!!!

This book has been a labor of love of more than 3,000 people - and today I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who tested the tools, participated in the research, debated the wording, and made this book a true transformative experience we all need right now.

My dear Reinvention Tribe, THANK YOU. Your rock!

So, how do we celebrate? How do we share these ideas with the world? How do we make a real difference?

From the beginning, we agreed: this is so much more than a book. 

Chief Reinvention Officer is a mindset, a method, and a movement.

2020 has proven to all of us how much this movement is needed in the world filled with volatility, uncertainty, and constant crisis.

We don't know what 2021 will bring. One thing, however, is certain: disruption is here to stay.

Imagine what our world can do if we enter 2021 with 100,000 people ready and able to face any crisis - and turn it...

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You're trying hard but getting a ton of resistance. Now what?

Oct 15, 2020

You're working hard - trying to change things, improve things, move forward.

You have a solid idea, did your homework, and you know it will work.

You try.


But all you are getting back is resistance.

Your team, bosses, or clients are simply not interested in "rocking the boat."

You are stuck in inertia.

You are a victim of "we've always done it this way."

Because That's How We've Always Done It' Will Kill Your Employee's Creativity and Your Company | by Patrick Kelly | Medium


Now what?

In my role as a consultant, teacher, and the head of transformation for a global 85-people metal and mining company, I faced this challenge again and again in many different forms.

Sometimes it comes as vocal opposition - and sometimes hides as silent sabotage.

I even had an engineer asking me once publicly at a meeting "Are you smoking something at the ExCom?"


So, I had to get good at resistance to change - and now I want to share pragmatic strategies that turn resistance into buy-in with you.

To do so, on Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 from 3-5 pm US EST we are hosting a live...

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Stop. Calling. Everything. Innovation.

Oct 08, 2020

I hope your October is going well - and you are entering the last quarter of this very challenging year.

This has been a year of sudden stops - and sad endings.


But there is also no question that this year has also been a year of many new beginnings.

If we want to find our way forward, if we want to adapt, to pivot, to survive and thrive in change, we have to find new answers, new solutions, new approaches.


The problem? People hate new things.

A 2010 study, for example, found that the longer something is thought to exist, the better it is evaluated, whether we talk about university requirements, art, acupuncture, or food.

Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson writes: “People who saw a painting described as having been painted in 1905 found it far more pleasing to look at than people who saw the same painting described as created in 2005.

Students preferred the course requirement described as the status quo over a new version regardless of whether the new version meant...

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Reinvention vs Kim Kardashian

Oct 01, 2020

I am sure you know the feeling.

You've been working on something for a long time.

You gave it your all: blood, sweat, tears (and an occasional family fight over the sleepless nights).

It's time to launch.

And... it does not fly.


That was one of the most memorable moments of my past 10 years.

In 2014, I was working on a new book: aimed at dealing with resource depletion and reinventing the way we work so that our companies are more sustainable and flourishing at the same time.

The day my book launched was the day Kim Kardashian released her book of selfies, called "Selfish."

Guess which book did better with the readers...)))


In just a few weeks, my new book "The Chief Reinvention Officer Handbook: How to Thrive in Chaos" will be published - and I am very worried.

On one hand, it's painfully clear that the world is in desperate need of reinvention - and much of the struggles we are in are here because people simply don't know how to change.

So, this new book can...

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This is One Perfect Metaphor

Sep 22, 2020

I am sure you've seen this photo.

Taken in Oregon, USA, on September 4th, it seemed so unbelievable many questioned its authenticity.

A group of golf players, going forth with "business as usual" while the wildfire ranges behind them.

Looks familiar?

For me, this photo serves as a perfect metaphor for what I see every day in personal and organizational life.

The world is on fire, the Titanic is sinking, yet we keep going.

What is this? Our stupidity? Apathy? Sabotage?

Why do we keep doing this?

It's easy to blame and judge and make fun of (believe me, I've done it enough times).

But in my experience, most people throughout the organizations keep going on with business as usual because there is simply NO alternative.

How often do you see your entire business - or that of your clients - set on fire, and yet some department keeps on with the outdated plan just because the company does not have any means for a quick pivot?

And that's exactly where our new book comes to play -...

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You Free Next Thursday at 10AM EST?

Sep 18, 2020

By now, you have already heard about the free 85-page preview of my forthcoming book The Chief Reinvention Officer Handbook: How to Thrive in Chaos, downloaded it, and perhaps even started to test its most beloved tool, the STELLAR Strategy Model.

This canvas, combined with the step-by-step instructions, has become the all-time-favorite of reinvention professionals worldwide. 

It all started with client requests: "Nadya, is there a tool for strategic planning that combines discipline AND flexibility?"

After searching around the world, I could not fully back anything.

So, it was time to develop our own.

2 years, 9 versions, and countless field tests with real-life companies later, we got STELLAR.

And throughout this time it has been used:

- as a strategic planning and implementation canvas
- as a project management tool
- as a link between big corporations and small start-ups
- as an individual performance management framework
- as a personal...

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Resistance to Change? We Have a Cure for That.

Sep 11, 2020

My days have been filled with a lot of meetings and questions - and there is one question that seems to pop all over the place.

To be super honest, I was absolutely sure that this year, the crazy uncertain COVID-19, fire, social unrest, economic stress, political upheaval year, this question will not be among the issues.

After all, this year is THE year of change.

But somehow, not everyone is on board - because the number one question I still get today is this one.

"How do I deal with resistance to change?"

The omnipresence of resistance and avoidance of change is supported by hard data.

A research team at the University of Toronto surveyed 1,000 American and Canadian knowledge workers (all employed and with college degrees) to assess their attitudes towards change and innovation.

In addition to measuring “drive to innovate,” the scientist looked into things like “grit” and “openness to risk” across two countries and three age groups...

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It's Here

Sep 03, 2020

There is very little that the world can agree on these days, but there is one thing everyone seems to agree on: The world is in desperate need of reinvention.

We all know at least some bad products and less-than-perfect processes.

We all see opportunities for small improvements and big breakthroughs.

So, why don’t we make them?


I've been struck by this question for years - as a strategy and sustainability professor, as a crisis management consultant, as a citizen of the less-than-perfect USSR.

I used to think that facts and figures and research held all the answers.

If only we could produce a more non-disputable fact.

If only can draw up a more convincing slide deck...

You've been there, right?


What I discovered, however, is that people resist change mostly because they don't know how to change.

They are born reinventors - all of us are - but we are educated out of it.

Our schools glorify perfect answers - not messy and difficult questions.

Our companies reward...

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