This is One Perfect Metaphor

Sep 22, 2020

I am sure you've seen this photo.

Taken in Oregon, USA, on September 4th, it seemed so unbelievable many questioned its authenticity.

A group of golf players, going forth with "business as usual" while the wildfire ranges behind them.

Looks familiar?

For me, this photo serves as a perfect metaphor for what I see every day in personal and organizational life.

The world is on fire, the Titanic is sinking, yet we keep going.

What is this? Our stupidity? Apathy? Sabotage?

Why do we keep doing this?

It's easy to blame and judge and make fun of (believe me, I've done it enough times).

But in my experience, most people throughout the organizations keep going on with business as usual because there is simply NO alternative.

How often do you see your entire business - or that of your clients - set on fire, and yet some department keeps on with the outdated plan just because the company does not have any means for a quick pivot?

And that's exactly where our new book comes to play -...

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You Free Next Thursday at 10AM EST?

Sep 18, 2020

By now, you have already heard about the free 85-page preview of my forthcoming book The Chief Reinvention Officer Handbook: How to Thrive in Chaos, downloaded it, and perhaps even started to test its most beloved tool, the STELLAR Strategy Model.

This canvas, combined with the step-by-step instructions, has become the all-time-favorite of reinvention professionals worldwide. 

It all started with client requests: "Nadya, is there a tool for strategic planning that combines discipline AND flexibility?"

After searching around the world, I could not fully back anything.

So, it was time to develop our own.

2 years, 9 versions, and countless field tests with real-life companies later, we got STELLAR.

And throughout this time it has been used:

- as a strategic planning and implementation canvas
- as a project management tool
- as a link between big corporations and small start-ups
- as an individual performance management framework
- as a personal...

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Resistance to Change? We Have a Cure for That.

Sep 11, 2020

My days have been filled with a lot of meetings and questions - and there is one question that seems to pop all over the place.

To be super honest, I was absolutely sure that this year, the crazy uncertain COVID-19, fire, social unrest, economic stress, political upheaval year, this question will not be among the issues.

After all, this year is THE year of change.

But somehow, not everyone is on board - because the number one question I still get today is this one.

"How do I deal with resistance to change?"

The omnipresence of resistance and avoidance of change is supported by hard data.

A research team at the University of Toronto surveyed 1,000 American and Canadian knowledge workers (all employed and with college degrees) to assess their attitudes towards change and innovation.

In addition to measuring “drive to innovate,” the scientist looked into things like “grit” and “openness to risk” across two countries and three age groups...

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It's Here

Sep 03, 2020

There is very little that the world can agree on these days, but there is one thing everyone seems to agree on: The world is in desperate need of reinvention.

We all know at least some bad products and less-than-perfect processes.

We all see opportunities for small improvements and big breakthroughs.

So, why don’t we make them?


I've been struck by this question for years - as a strategy and sustainability professor, as a crisis management consultant, as a citizen of the less-than-perfect USSR.

I used to think that facts and figures and research held all the answers.

If only we could produce a more non-disputable fact.

If only can draw up a more convincing slide deck...

You've been there, right?


What I discovered, however, is that people resist change mostly because they don't know how to change.

They are born reinventors - all of us are - but we are educated out of it.

Our schools glorify perfect answers - not messy and difficult questions.

Our companies reward...

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These 5 Things Make Me Feel ALIVE

Aug 28, 2020

Last week I asked for your vote on blue or yellow - and we got more than 400 email responses!!!

Since I can't seem to respond to everyone personally, this is one huge THANK YOU to all of you )))

What can I say - this reinvention tribe is truly amazing.

I promise we'll share the final decision very very soon - along with a huge set of free resources we have NEVER released to the public before - you will be the first to know.

And while we are gearing up and getting ready for the action-filled fall, I want to soak up the last few days of August and make sure we all charge our batteries just a little bit more - or a lot.

Growing up, September 1st was the first day of school, the day fun ended, the day I felt a bit less alive and energized.

Since then, every year I've been carrying this weight the entire month of August - a sense of anxiety and a bit of regret that the summer is finishing up.

As the world continues to find itself in a challenging place of stress, fear, and...

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Blue or Yellow?

Aug 21, 2020

I need your advice!

As you know, we are putting the final touches on our new book, The Chief Reinvention Officer Handbook: How to Thrive in Chaos.

The book is dedicated to the Chief Reinvention Officer that is within each and every one of us, you and me - and while it's based on 19 years of research, it is super-pragmatic.

So, now comes my question: which cover do you like best? Should the "badge" on the cover be blue or yellow?

Now, before you think that this question is superficial, let me say a few words about it.

Details matter. Beauty matters. Care and craft matters.

We're working on creating a movement, a revolution in thinking, a whole new relationship with change. 

Every little detail makes a difference - and helps us reach more people or turn them away.

To paraphrase the words of Phil Ochs, in our age of ugliness, beauty is a form of protest.

So, need your quick vote. What color should be the badge on our cover: blue or yellow?




Comment below and...

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Did You Know?

Aug 14, 2020

This week, my family and I organized a stay-cation with a mandatory digital detox. (Yes, that's why I am late with this article).

It's going well for all of us, including Lila, my 16-year old, who is learning new baking secrets and teaching her dad how to skateboard ;))).

It's going well for me, too.

I am learning to slow down, to hear myself and the world better, to trust (as our team is putting together the final touches on our new book - a special insert with a full set of 25 business model reinvention cards you cut out and use with your team immediately!!!)

I am learning to honor time, to celebrate the achievements and failures of the past, to get the full benefit, rather than rush onto the next shiny object.

Among such special experiences of my life are the 4 TEDx talks I've delivered over the course of the past 11 years.

These talks came out of the place of pain and hope, of the desire to do something better, to become a better version of what we all can be.

And that's...

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Dealing With Uncertainty? This Helps.

Aug 07, 2020


Last week I asked you whether or not we should host another free virtual Reinvention Summit - to come together at one point in time, to share energy, and to get ready for an unpredictable fall.

The answer from the community was a strong and clear YES, so big thanks for responding and sharing your ideas.

We'll work on making this happen in the coming weeks, but until then, I have a special gift for you.

Our Spring 2020 Reinvention Summit spanned over 2 weeks to explore a deep question: How can we use COVID-19 as an invitation to reflect, rethink, and reinvent?

The program spanned over many sessions, but we were not able to share the last day replays as Zoom was having technical issues and the final day recordings got "corrupted."

Surprise: We now have the final videos, and today I want to share the insights from the amazing leadership master and author of "Helping People Change" Dr. Ellen Van Oosten...

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Wow. You Must See This.

Jul 31, 2020


Can you believe we are about to enter August?

Nearly 5 months ago I was on my way from San Francisco to Columbus when the news broke that our state, like many others, will enter into "stay at home" quarantine.

During my layover in Colorado, I posted a question in our private Facebook group, Reinvention Society, on whether we should organize a free online Reinvention Summit to offer tools and resources to survive this incredibly different and demanding disruption.

In the following two weeks, over 1,200 people from all over the world came together on Zoom to share solutions, strategies, yoga poses, and more.

We had amazing speakers from all over the world.

We shared worksheets, coaching protocols, and simple down-to-earth steps to reinvent our way out of disaster.

We cried a little. And laughed a lot.

We discussed Nassim Nicholas Taleb's idea of "black swans" (those huge unpredictable disruptive events that shake up the world) and also listened to the...

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How Do We Build Resilience and Face What's Ahead

Jul 24, 2020

July is in full swing, 2020 keeps bringing more and more surprises, and chances are you or some of your team members are running low on energy.

This is absolutely normal.

We are in the middle of a marathon - not sprint - a remarkably complex period of massive change. We don't know exactly what will unfold next, but we know that COVID-19 has started a chain reaction that will impact many aspects of our lives.

How do we survive - and even thrive?
How do we learn to live in chaos?
How do we build resilience?

To answer these questions, together with UNDP and the Sustainable Development Goals initiative, we've organized an hour-long free training session:

Key lessons for this session include:

  1. Don’t be quick to blame external factors if your business is struggling – data shows that almost 90% of factors contributing to businesses’ demise were within management control.

  2. Change is not a one-time project. Change is here to stay - so build businesses that are...
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