I know this is a huge favor to ask

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2021

Big warm hello.

I am writing with a huge favor.

Every 2 years Thinkers50 ranks the most important management ideas and their authors.

Showing up in this ranking is a big deal - and for me, it's one key way to get the ideas of reinvention into the hands of millions of people who really need it.

Nominating somebody for Thinkers50 is super easy - you can submit a nomination for can be nominated for both the list itself and a special award.

If reinvention ideas and tools made a difference for you, I'd be incredibly honored if you take as little as 30 seconds, I'm not exaggerating - to nominate me.

Here is the nomination link, and if you might enter my name for the ranking (the field titled "Your Global Ranking Nominee") and also scroll down to type in my name for the "Agility Award" - it's the very first on the list, I'd be incredibly grateful.


 I know this is a big ask, but I am learning to ask for help when it really matters. Nobody can build this movement we call reinvention alone. Send me a note if you have a chance so that I can personally thank you.


Have an amazing weekend,



P.S. Need a bit more clarity on how to nominate? Our trailblazing community put together these super-simple instructions for you>>>




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