3 ways to get an immediate benefit from my latest book

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2021

I know how busy it gets.

Most likely you've already downloaded the free 85-page preview of my latest book, The Chief Reinvention Officer Handbook: How to Thrive in Chaos.

Perhaps, you might have already glanced through it.

But then the deadline for a big project took over. Or a new customer call. Or an urgent call from home.

And you never got back to it.

So, today I want to make sure you get the benefit from that book right away - with just a few pages at a time.


1. A DIAGNOSTIC TOOL:  If you want to get a quick test of how well your organization (or that of your client) is prepared to survive and thrive in today's volatile and uncertain worlddownload the book preview and go to page 49 to complete the very simple 15-question diagnostic and get some ideas on what to do with the result.

2. A CASE: if you are looking for inspirationa clear example of how reinvention might look in real-world "normal" companies (forget Apple and Tesla, those cases are overrated!), download the book preview and turn to page 61 for a story of Penzone that reinvented in rural Ohio. A quick workbook at the end of the case will help you transfer those learnings into your world.

3. A TOOL: if you want to test out a reinvention tool, then our crowd-favorite STELLAR Strategy Canvas is here to help. The Canvas was designed to help companies add flexibility to their strategic planning. How often have we drafted a plan only to see it become irrelevant in a matter of weeks as market conditions changed?! STELLAR Canvas makes sure that is never your challenge again. You will find it on page 74 of the download.

Let me know which of the three options was most relevant - and how you used these ideas and tools.

Happy weekend,



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