These 5 Things Make Me Feel ALIVE

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2020

Last week I asked for your vote on blue or yellow - and we got more than 400 email responses!!!

Since I can't seem to respond to everyone personally, this is one huge THANK YOU to all of you )))

What can I say - this reinvention tribe is truly amazing.

I promise we'll share the final decision very very soon - along with a huge set of free resources we have NEVER released to the public before - you will be the first to know.

And while we are gearing up and getting ready for the action-filled fall, I want to soak up the last few days of August and make sure we all charge our batteries just a little bit more - or a lot.

Growing up, September 1st was the first day of school, the day fun ended, the day I felt a bit less alive and energized.

Since then, every year I've been carrying this weight the entire month of August - a sense of anxiety and a bit of regret that the summer is finishing up.

As the world continues to find itself in a challenging place of stress, fear, and uncertainty, it feels like it is more important than ever to reinvent our relationship with time and space - and discover more ways to help ourselves, our teams, our clients, and our communities feel more alive.


So, today I am sharing 5 things that make me feel alive right now - that bring me joy and fill me with energy.

(Spoiler alert: they do not need to be particularly big or Earth-shattering. There is light in every single thing.)

So, here we go:

#1: Seeing the stories of reinvention amid crisis, which seem to be popping up everywhere, including this Inc magazine feature.

# 2: Walking. Every. Single. Day.

#3: Getting a daily lesson on self-care from my cat:

#4: Finishing up my summer reading list as these books make me feel hope, power, and a sense of possibility.

#5: Re-watching The Old Guard - a new action movie by Netflix - which made me question the ideas of life, death, right, wrong, and how we measure our own impact.

I challenge you to share yours as well - comment below, make a post on your social media, at the dinner table, or in a personal journal - and see how can we cherish and grow that list.



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