You're trying hard but getting a ton of resistance. Now what?

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2020

You're working hard - trying to change things, improve things, move forward.

You have a solid idea, did your homework, and you know it will work.

You try.


But all you are getting back is resistance.

Your team, bosses, or clients are simply not interested in "rocking the boat."

You are stuck in inertia.

You are a victim of "we've always done it this way."


Now what?

In my role as a consultant, teacher, and the head of transformation for a global 85-people metal and mining company, I faced this challenge again and again in many different forms.

Sometimes it comes as vocal opposition - and sometimes hides as silent sabotage.

I even had an engineer asking me once publicly at a meeting "Are you smoking something at the ExCom?"


So, I had to get good at resistance to change - and now I want to share pragmatic strategies that turn resistance into buy-in with you.

To do so, on Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 from 3-5 pm US EST we are hosting a live virtual workshop - that will also be recorded for those who cannot make it live.


Best of all: the workshop is FREE with a purchase of my new book - and it's the exact same program that we sell at Executive Education for $599 or more!


SO, here are 3 simple steps for securing your spot at the Workshop:

1. Pre-order the copy of The Chief Reinvention Officer Handbook: How to Thrive in Chaos from any outlet you prefer:



2. Send a copy of your receipt (you can take a screenshot or forward the order confirmation email) to Ania Brown at [email protected]

3. Get free registration for the masterclass and enjoy a pragmatic and fun training that hundreds have already benefited from


From Resistance to Buy-In Workshop is only available for pre-orders BEFORE the book is released on October 27th - so catch this opportunity before it is gone.

Pre-order the book today - and see you there!

And yes, if you pre-ordered before, send that confirmation to [email protected] and we can't wait to see what you do with less resistance in your work and life!



Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva helps companies such as Coca-Cola, Kohler, and IBM turn change and disruption into an opportunity.

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