Reinvention Speakers Series Starts Today - No Registration Required 🥳

May 07, 2020


This month the inaugural class of Certified Reinvention Practitioners will be hosting a series of free LIVE sessions covering a wide range of reinvention topics.

We call this fantastic journey our Reinvention Booster Series - with no registration required as all sessions are held inside our private Facebook group, Reinvention Society

Best of all: the very first session is happening today!

Here is the schedule and topics for you to mark your calendars:

Thursday, May 7th, at 2 pm US est:
"Why We Need Disruption" by Gary Graham (South Africa) 

Saturday, May 9th, at 10 am US est:
"Reinventing to Create Enduring Value" by Jim Merhaut (USA) 

Tuesday, May 12th, at 12 pm US est:
"My 3 Reinvention Essentials" by Ina Kukovic Borovnik (Slovenia) 

Wednesday, May 13th, at 3 pm US est:
"Getting Over the Fear of Reinvention" by Sonia Di Maulo (Canada) 

Friday, May 15th, at 2 pm US est:
"Reinventing Management Systems" by ...

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Certified. Reinvention. Practitioner.

Apr 30, 2020

If one thing is clear as we are all working on the effects of COVID-19 is that reinvention is all around us.

And for the part 5+ yeast, we've been getting ready. Even more so in the last year.

In 2019 we've launched our Certificate Programs - first, we've graduated the pilot class of the Certified Reinvention Practitioner program, and then started the pilot class of the Certified Reinvention Coach program. 

Our inaugural class of Certified Reinvention Practitioners is an amazing group of consultants and executives from Slovenia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Canada, and the US. Everyone who's graduated has seen a tremendous change in their lives - personally and professionally - and their experience and hard work laid a foundation for a brand new profession: reinvention.

Now (with tons of urging from the global reinvention community), we are ready to run our second Certified Reinvention Practitioner Program!!!  

But here is a catch.  

Not every workbook will be...

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A New Profession is Born. Here's Why It Matters to You.

Apr 23, 2020

I am sure you've experienced this before.

It was perhaps a very ordinary day. 
A perfectly usual moment in time.
A decision made in passing, nearly by accident.

And yet, something monumental happened.

The world shifted. And looking back, you can trace it all to that very moment.

For me, the last time it happened was on October 29th, 2019.

In between intense meetings and packing for yet another trans-Atlantic flight, I wrote a quick email and hit sent.

And a new profession was born.

9 people decided to join our very first, pilot Certified Practitioner Program. 

There were no pre-recordings. No clear structure. Not even a webpage. 

Only blind trust that together we'll allow the art and science of reinvention to emerge - and commitment to fight against the urge for quick fixes, easy answers, and template solutions.

Together, we've developed new tools. Started new projects. Went through incredible personal and professional losses. Recorded many wins.

Together, in...

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Thank You.

Apr 16, 2020


It's Thursday - time for my traditional Reinvention Weekly.

I am supposed to say something bright, or informative, or useful - or share some big news.

My team has prepared all kinds of great things for me to share.

There is only one problem.

I don't feel it.

I am staring at my computer screen for more than an hour feeling this mix of sadness and joy and despair and inspiration, trying to find something useful to say.

Something that would worth you opening this email.

Something that gives more than it takes.

Something that matters.

And if I am truly honest to myself, there is only one thing.

Thank you.

Thank you for showing up. For trying. For crushing it. For failing.

Thank you for looking uncertainty straight into the eyes - and still going on.

Thank you for being human.

Thank you for giving yourself a break - and letting others do the same.

Thank you for sewing masks, pivoting your business, showing up to exhausting Zooms, posting inspiring stories, messaging me those...

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250 Brave Volunteers Needed

Apr 09, 2020


As COVID-19 continues to invite change and disruption into our world, I send you and yours my warmest regards.

Here, in our virtual reinvention land, we continue to work on REINVENTION SUMMIT replays with Day 6 still to be produced - soon, I promise. Internet troubles botched the recording for Day 3, but 4 full days of recordings and materials are waiting for you here>>>

A surprising and ironic thing happened to me while working on the SUMMIT, but first I need to give you a background story.

For many years, our global tribe has been working on bringing mindset, toolset, and skillset of reinvention to the masses. 

In 2019 alone, we served more than 86,000 people with mostly free materials, articles, videos, workshops, and reinvention labs - and made a huge effort to bring a tool-filled accessible filled-tested book to the masses.

The problem? Nobody wanted to publish our book.

Time after time, we got the same response: that reinvention is...

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3 Ideas From the Reinvention Summit You Can Use Today

Apr 02, 2020


No matter where you are right now and how the new COVID-19 reality looks like for you, I am sending you my warmest wishes.

This is not a sprint - this transformation we are all experiencing is a marathon.

So, my big hope is that you're taking care of yourself and your community - and giving yourself permission to grieve, to appreciate, to discover (and to occasionally skip some of those Zoom-Skype-WhatsApp-Hangout meetings that seem to multiply at the exponential rate)!

Here, in the reinvention-land, things have been incredibly busy.

We've run a 2-week free Reinvention Summit, organized a 2-day reinvention bootcamp for 200+ entrepreneurs in crisis, and provided countless hours of coaching for companies in need.

We are still producing the videos and putting together resources from the Summit for all of you to use (no email or login needed) - most of the talks are now ready for you to watch here>>

But to make your life easier (as there are...

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Nine COVID-19 Reinvention Stories to Give Us Hope

Mar 26, 2020

There is no question that COVID-19 is a major disruption for all of us.

The level of uncertainty is through the roof.

And if you are anything like me, you got plenty of data, articles, and insights on what's going on with the virus and its many impacts on our lives.

So, today, I don't want to speak about the virus itself - but instead share nine COVID-19 reinvention stories to give us a chance to breathe in, get some hope, and even an occasional smile.

So, what amazing reinvention are happening today?

#1 In France, the luxury conglomerate LVMH—which owns Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Celine - now produces free hand sanitizer for hospitals that desperately need it:


#2 In Ireland, the country’s health regulatory body is now testing the 3D-printed ventilator that came from an open innovation project that only took 1 week to develop a prototype:


#3 In Germany, Audi has made a...

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From Black Swans to Burning Phoenix 🌟

Mar 19, 2020


Last Wednesday, in the middle of a canceled flight, I got an idea to host a free virtual pop-up REINVENTION SUMMIT.

This week we are about to start Day 3 - and finalizing Week 2.

We opened up with an idea that COVID-19 is another reminder that "black swans" - a metaphor used to describe rare and improbable disruptions - are everywhere, showing up in flocks:

We also explored a pragmatic exercise you can do TODAY to coach your team, your clients, or your kids how to use fear as a productive resource - and you can watch the video and download the worksheet (no email needed) here>>

My dear friend and change extraordinaire Dr. Lindsey Godwin spent time with us diving deep into the power of Appreciative Inquiry to survive and thrive in crisis:

You can watch that inspiring talk here>>

Aidan McCullen shared a story of a burning phoenix as a symbol of constant reinvention - his talk will be available soon. 

The amazing tribe...

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I Don't Know

Mar 10, 2020

Crisis is in the air.

Coronavirus is raging, the market is crashing, oil prices crash means the entire countries are now on a verge of bankruptcy.

What are we to do?

In the last few days, I got calls from 3 different CEOs from very different countries, industries, and environments, all asking me the same question.

"What should I say? I don't know what to do yet, it's too uncertain, so what should I say to my people, my investors, my partners?"

Hearing this question brought me right back to 2015. 

I was working with a company in crisis trying to survive while the whole industry was struggling.

Amidst sleepless nights and intense projects, I noticed one peculiar thing.

He was (and still is) a very bright, kind, and effective person. 

But here, he would consistently raise his voice and become agitated and unproductive with seemingly reasonable questions and requests.

So, I asked him what's up.

"I don't know what to do. I don't know what to tell them when they all come to me...

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Market crash? Coronavirus? A new boss? We got you covered 💥

Mar 03, 2020

We barely made it through 2 months of the New Year, and so far we've:

  • Faced a possibility of World War III,
  • Survived bushfires of a massive scale,
  • Witnessed a new wave of business bankruptcies and layoffs (hello, Pier 1 and HSBC!),
  • Watched a first market crush of the new decade, and
  • Discovered that Coronavirus has nothing to do with the beer.

It's safe to say that disruptions are here to stay - not as a one-time event, a project we can manage and move on - but as a new standard feature of our modern world.

Now, what are we to do to get ourselves comfortable with this ever-growing uncertainty and volatility?

Here are four places to start:

#1: First and foremost, it's about getting ourselves used to discomfort and experimentation. 

Talking to people you don't normally talk to, read news from new sources you don't normally read, get to places you don't usually show up at. 

Make it a part of your weekly routine - and challenge your...

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