Reinvention Speakers Series Starts Today - No Registration Required 🥳

Uncategorized May 07, 2020


This month the inaugural class of Certified Reinvention Practitioners will be hosting a series of free LIVE sessions covering a wide range of reinvention topics.

We call this fantastic journey our Reinvention Booster Series - with no registration required as all sessions are held inside our private Facebook group, Reinvention Society

Best of all: the very first session is happening today!

Here is the schedule and topics for you to mark your calendars:

Thursday, May 7th, at 2 pm US est:
"Why We Need Disruption" by Gary Graham (South Africa) 

Saturday, May 9th, at 10 am US est:
"Reinventing to Create Enduring Value" by Jim Merhaut (USA) 

Tuesday, May 12th, at 12 pm US est:
"My 3 Reinvention Essentials" by Ina Kukovic Borovnik (Slovenia) 

Wednesday, May 13th, at 3 pm US est:
"Getting Over the Fear of Reinvention" by Sonia Di Maulo (Canada) 

Friday, May 15th, at 2 pm US est:
"Reinventing Management Systems" by Eduardo H Guerra (Mexico) 

Tuesday, May 19th, at 9 am US est:
"Reinventing your WHY before reinventing anything else" by Dmitry Dmitriev (Kazakhstan) 

Thursday, May 21st, at 3 pm US est:
"Reinventing Organization from Inside Out - Be the Leader You Wish You Have" by Metka Glas (Slovenia) 

Friday, May 22nd, at 12 noon US est:
"Reinvention for Millennials" by Ania Brown (USA/Belarus) 

Saturday, May 23rd, at 10 am US est:
"Reinventing for Seniors" by Danielle Silverman (Canada) 

I can't wait to learn from these amazing reinvention pioneers!


Head to Reinvention Society when time is right, and let us know which topic resonates with you the most!

This speaker series is here to support all of us as we find our new way forward.

And I know we will.

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