Thank You.

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020


It's Thursday - time for my traditional Reinvention Weekly.

I am supposed to say something bright, or informative, or useful - or share some big news.

My team has prepared all kinds of great things for me to share.

There is only one problem.

I don't feel it.

I am staring at my computer screen for more than an hour feeling this mix of sadness and joy and despair and inspiration, trying to find something useful to say.

Something that would worth you opening this email.

Something that gives more than it takes.

Something that matters.

And if I am truly honest to myself, there is only one thing.

Thank you.

Thank you for showing up. For trying. For crushing it. For failing.

Thank you for looking uncertainty straight into the eyes - and still going on.

Thank you for being human.

Thank you for giving yourself a break - and letting others do the same.

Thank you for sewing masks, pivoting your business, showing up to exhausting Zooms, posting inspiring stories, messaging me those oh-so-needed stupid memes, and staying home so that the amazing doctors, nurses, janitors, store cashiers, bus drivers, firefighters, policemen, farmers, distribution center workers, and many many others come home safely.

Thank you for responding to our crazy reinvention campaigns and emotional Facebook lives.

Thank you for caring.

We fell asleep in one world and woke up in another.

In this new world, everything is upside down.

It's a place where money cannot buy you oxygen - and where NOT giving a hug might just be the greatest act of love.

It's a place where visionary CEOs take a back seat while grocery workers and hospital janitors go on to save us all.

It's a world that suddenly became naked and transparent and painfully clear - like the water in the Venice channels and the LA air.

Thank you for daring to admit that we are never coming back to "normal."

Because admitting it is the only hope we have to make sure that the new normal is at least a little bit better.

Or a lot.


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