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2021 is upon us. I hope this year will be a year of light.

Yet, if you had turned on the news in the recent days, I know my wishes of a bright and easy New Year are most likely already made impossible by a disruption or crisis of some sort.

With challenges coming at every corner, it's tempting to despair or grow thinking of any possibility of a better life, a stronger business, or a healthier community.

But what if I told you you've already become a master of reinvention - without even knowing it?


Take, for example, economic challenges. If you were to guess, how many economic crises have we already survived in the recent past - say since 1988?

The answer is as shocking as it is full of hope.

Although popular economic folklore highlights the Great Depression that started in 1929 and the Great Recession that erupted in 2008, there were many others.

Even if we forget regional or industry-specific crises and focus only on country recessions, the number is beyond surprising. IMD-Lausanne’s Professor Emeritus Jim Ellert shows that even in the recent past, since 1988, the world has experienced 469 country recessions, which would average about one local recession every 25 days.

469! Yet, your business, your career, and your community have survived them all.

You are a serial reinventor.

You might not know it, but this is your super-power.

So, let me help you reclaim this super-power in 2021 - starting with the definition, which was developed by our global tribe of 3,000+ reinventors around the world:


  1. A practice of embracing change by reimagining and remaking something so that it manifests new and improved attributes, qualities, and results.

  2. A systematic approach to thriving in chaos that includes ongoing anticipation, design, and implementation of change via continuous sense-making, anticipatory and emergent learning, and synthesis of cross-boundary, cross-disciplinary, and cross-functional knowledge.

  3. A way to foster sustainability of a system by dynamically harmonizingcontinuity and change.

  4. An immune system designed to ensure systematic health for individuals and organizations.

  5. A structured and deliberate effort to engage in healthy cycles of planned renewal, building on the past to ensure current and future viability.


Now that you are equipped with the definition, time to turn to the practical value of reinvention - with the freshest podcast episode dedicated to how to grow your own reinvention muscles:

In this episode, you will discover:

1. What is the Titanic Syndrome and how to keep yourself safe and protected from this disease

2. What can reinvention do for you and your business this year

3. Why our managerial and leadership tools - including ideas of a "sustainable competitive advantage" or "just in time management" are not only unhelpful but even dangerous right now

4. How many companies typically die in turbulent times and is there anybody who thrives

5. And what in the world is a blockchain name?!


Listen to this podcast episode (or watch it via provided video) here>>>


And then hit "reply" and tell me which ONE definition of "reinvention" was most useful for you - or perhaps you have a better one? Would love to hear!

Happy New Year to all of us. Let it be a good one.



Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva helps companies such as Coca-Cola, Kohler, and IBM turn change and disruption into an opportunity.

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