If you're here, it means you've decided to turn turbulence into your competitive advantage and make continuous reinvention your superpower.

Welcome to the application for the Certified Reinvention Practitioner program – your key to greater income, influence, and impact.

Our program includes theory, practice, 1-on-1 coaching, your individual reinvention project, and the lifetime license for all proprietary reinvention tools with incredible post-program support.

Please answer questions thoroughly and include contact info. After completing the form, you will be able to schedule a required 20-min interview with one of our faculty members to learn more about your goals and see how the Reinvention Academy can help support you in the best way.

If you have any questions at this point, our amazing program manager Veronika will be happy to help you at [email protected].

Let’s make 2024 your reinvention year together!


Certified Reinvention Practitioner Program

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