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The ultimate five-day workshop that turns overworked 
pros drowning in constant fire-fighting into in-command future-ready
reinvention trailblazers

(God knows lately we all seem to need it!)

There are millions of businesses in the world... and we all seem to be overwhelmed and exhausted

Everything changes all the time

Uncertainty and volatility rule - but our only response seems to be to try to do even more with less. We are tired, always in a reactive mode, and never seem to finish or accomplish anything.

Nobody knows the answer

Signals from the market are incredibly confusing, so it’s not clear which turn to take or what data to trust. In absence of clear direction, people are afraid to make a decision and then get blamed for it.

The team is exhausted

Our people are overwhelmed, doubtful, and resistant - and productivity suffers. In this environment, we cannot be creative or work effectively across organizational silos.

Good news: there is light at the end of the tunnel

Since March 2020, we’ve helped 5,497 companies and change makers to turn this new reality into an opportunity with a simple 5-day step-by-step process. 

Now it’s your chance to do just that. 

And the best, craziest part? This live, 5-day workshop is FREE.

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Give yourself 5 days to find the right pivot right now
master a toolkit you can use again in the future)

Future-ready organization | Mon, Aug 29, 2022

After a no-BS live session, you'll get a step-by-step workbook to start with a quick science-based future-readiness diagnostic that immediately shows you what works and what needs to be improved.

Time: 12 -1 pm US EST - and we'll always provide a replay in case you miss it
Key tools
: a live session  + our proprietary diagnostic tool
The result: clarity and focus

Mobilized team | Tue, Aug 30, 2022

Our live session will focus on our team's readiness (and resistance) to change. To help you mobilize, the workbook will guide you through a simple exercise (which works for massive teams or just a solo-prenuer) - our crowd favorite.

Time: 12 - 1 pm US EST - and we'll always provide a replay in case you miss it
Key tools: a live session + "Fear to Action" exercise
The result: buy in

Clear customer needs | Wed, Aug 31, 2022

Using the tools from the Blue Ocean Strategy toolkit, we'll help you get inside your customers' wallets and minds and clarify what they need in this new post-pandemic reality.

Time: 12 - 1 pm US EST - and we'll always provide a replay in case you miss it
Key tools: a live session + Customer Needs Canvas
The result: understanding the customers' better than they understand themselves

Achievable plan that works in uncertainty | Thu, Sep 1, 2022

Our live session will focus on helping you identify what should be reinvented - and how to get started with a focus on low-hanging fruit.

Time: 12 -1 pm US EST - and we'll always provide a replay in case you miss it
Key tools: a live session + Easy Reinvention Grid
The result: clear manageable priorities

Implementation! | Fri, Sep 2, 2022

Day 5 is all about getting things done. We'll make sure to give you the best support to finally get moving - and see the first results we all need to keep going.

Time: 12 -1 pm US EST - and we'll always provide a replay in case you miss it
Key tools
: a live session + implementation check list
The result: finally getting things done

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Join the amazing change leaders who already trusted us to help

Hi, I am Nadya

First things first: I hate change.

Transforming our organizations, our products and services, our lives is hard. It is messy, overwhelming, filled with resistance from both top and bottom of the company. It never comes at the right time and it's always ON TOP of existing priorities. It's exhausting.

And the worst thing is: just as we manage one crisis, another one looms on the horizon.

But here is the problem with this attitude towards change: COVID-19 has shown how volatile and uncertain our world is becoming.

Economic and political uncertainty remains high, we are still trying to figure out how to work remotely, how consumer needs are changing, and which industries are facing potential extinction.

As a scientist, business owner, and contributor to some of the best business publications, I have committed my entire professional life to figuring out how we not only survive - but thrive - in any disruption.

My 25 years of research and business practice made it clear: today, this ability is needed not by a select few, but by every single one of us.

Good news: you CAN reinvent your way out of any challenge you are facing today. And even more - you can future-proof your organization for many other disruptions coming your way. It's time for you to get these remarkable results.

I can't wait to welcome you at the Easy Reinvention Lab.

Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva

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