Today's visit to Emergency Room

Feb 18, 2020

Today could not be more surreal.

It started with taking my daughter to an Emergency Room after nine rounds of vomiting all over our house.

I only thought that happens in movies - and with my husband over in Europe taking care of his mom after two consecutive heart attacks, it was just the two of us amidst the mess and confusion and puke.

(Don't worry, she is much better now, I have proof...)


Then the news came out. 

Pier 1, a US-based publicly-traded retailer has filed for bankruptcy, confirming it will fire 40% of headquarters staff and close as many as 450 stores.

There are new floods and new storms with lives lost.

There's a new humanitarian crisis for displaced Syrians caught in the battle for Idlib (and we are so used to this war, it doesn't even make the main page anymore).

And then I had a call with a client. 

Amidst the Coronavirus, the company has moved into full crisis management - and give it another month or two, it will reach the...

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