Certified. Reinvention. Practitioner.

Apr 30, 2020

If one thing is clear as we are all working on the effects of COVID-19 is that reinvention is all around us.

And for the part 5+ yeast, we've been getting ready. Even more so in the last year.

In 2019 we've launched our Certificate Programs - first, we've graduated the pilot class of the Certified Reinvention Practitioner program, and then started the pilot class of the Certified Reinvention Coach program. 

Our inaugural class of Certified Reinvention Practitioners is an amazing group of consultants and executives from Slovenia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Canada, and the US. Everyone who's graduated has seen a tremendous change in their lives - personally and professionally - and their experience and hard work laid a foundation for a brand new profession: reinvention.

Now (with tons of urging from the global reinvention community), we are ready to run our second Certified Reinvention Practitioner Program!!!  

But here is a catch.  

Not every workbook will be...

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