Oct 15, 2019

I still remember the first time I heard of “writer’s block” – that sticky gloomy moment when a writer loses the creative spark and keeps staring at the blank page with no words coming out.

I was writing my second book. 

Nothing was coming out.

And I just wanted to figure out what in a world was wrong with me.

(Nothing. It’s normal. Happens to everyone).


Well, these days writer’s block is not my issue – but reinventor’s block is.

Occasionally I simply get stuck.

No new reinvention ideas.

No juicy brainstorms.

No breakthroughs.

(For a person who makes money reinventing, that’s a MAJOR issue).


Luckily, after a few rounds of reinventor’s block, I discovered an easy fix: get inspired.

See fresh reinvention ideas.

Review the stories you already know.

Get energized by other’s ability to re-think, re-new, re-build.

And your inner-reinventor will definitely wake up.

So, just in case you are...

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Oct 08, 2019

Our team at Chief Reinvention Officer had a big September.

First, I made a trip around the world (Columbus - Toronto - Frankfurt - Nur Sultan - Seoul - Vancouver - Chicago - Columbus.... Even typing it up makes me dizzy!)

Then we launched the Fall 2019 Class of our foundations-of-reinvention course. (All those emails. Yes, we are done. Back to weekly articles!)

Then we started our own company reinvention - our quest for better team flow, better tech, better value for all of you...

So, when the idea came up to hold our next big strategic discussion while taking a walk at a beautiful park, I jumped. 

What can be better than talking about letting go of no-longer-useful ideas while watching the trees letting go of their leaves?!

So, here we were, turning a corner of the park, talking about our mission - about the shift required in how we manage our organizations to meet the challenges of speed and uncertainty.

I am in my normal all-knowing preachy self, talking a lot.


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