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Uncategorized Jul 31, 2020


Can you believe we are about to enter August?

Nearly 5 months ago I was on my way from San Francisco to Columbus when the news broke that our state, like many others, will enter into "stay at home" quarantine.

During my layover in Colorado, I posted a question in our private Facebook group, Reinvention Society, on whether we should organize a free online Reinvention Summit to offer tools and resources to survive this incredibly different and demanding disruption.

In the following two weeks, over 1,200 people from all over the world came together on Zoom to share solutions, strategies, yoga poses, and more.

We had amazing speakers from all over the world.

We shared worksheets, coaching protocols, and simple down-to-earth steps to reinvent our way out of disaster.

We cried a little. And laughed a lot.

We discussed Nassim Nicholas Taleb's idea of "black swans" (those huge unpredictable disruptive events that shake up the world) and also listened to the keynote by the legendary John Elkington on the "green swans" (the new ideas and ventures that bring about hope and regeneration).

It felt incredibly moving and hard-to-put-into-words.

So, imagine my surprise when I got a piece of art shared with me by one of the participants that captured perfectly what our Reinvention Summit was all about?!

Caren Pearson, an artist working primarily in acrylics on abstracts, representational artwork, and commissions, created a remarkable paining. “Reinvention - Turning Black Swans into Green Swans.” 

Caren works in South Florida and the painting has just been accepted into an art show called, “Pain, Process, and Progress” at the Alliance for the Arts here in Fort Myers, Florida:

"I was very moved by participating in the Reinvention Summit so when this opportunity presented itself, I knew exactly how to respond. Your energy and positivity inspired me. I wanted to share this image with you. Please feel free to share it with your organization and use it if you feel it could help in any way."

What a gift! Passing it along - so that you can get touched by it as well!

Caren's words made me think: as we are approaching unpredictable Fall and Winter of 2020, should we host another free global virtual Reinvention Summit? A kind of reunion?

We could bring new speakers and tools and see how we can support each other now, as COVID-19 is turning into a marathon, not so much of a sprint.

Comment below and let me know what you think.

If yes, tell me what kind of questions/challenges you'd like to be addressed.

If no, what would be most helpful to you now?


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