My dear reinventor, it's time.

The holiday season is here - and it's time to make this time truly meaningful.

But the question is: what does that mean for you?

I have lived on so many continents and with so many cultures that no one way to celebrate (or even one date) seems good enough.

Some of us have already put "away from the office" auto-response for our emails.

Others are still setting up business meetings for the upcoming week.

Some of us have packed tons of presents under a lit tree.

Others choose to keep the house clean and give each other time.

Some love loud parties and make long menu lists.

Others prefer time alone, filled with slow thinking and fragrant tea.

And that, perhaps, is the greatest gift of this season: a choice.

You are free to choose how to make it right for you.

Powerful for you.

Meaningful for you.

You get to let go of holiday traditions that no longer serve you - and protect the ones that give you light.

That is my greatest wish for you.

Happy holidays!

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P. P.S. One way I make holiday season meaningful for me is by connecting with people to talk about things that are important (but not super-urgent). 

Within our global reinvention community, we call this get-togethers "Reinvention Happy Hour" - and the next one is scheduled for this week - Thursday, December 26th. 

It's free, live, and online.

All you need to do is to register - and if you can't make it, we'll send you a free replay:

P.P.P.S. Let there be light.


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