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I am sitting at the airport in South Korea, wondering how can I convince you to take the time and join me for a new live online Masterclass.

I am thinking of a story to tell.

Or a clever tagline to entice you with.

Or a piece of data to feature that will show you how useful this virtual get-together gonna be.


But all of it seems like a cheap marketing trick.

This Masterclass is a labor of love – so empty marketing tricks simply won’t do.

And we are talking about life and death here – quite literally – life and death of your organization or your career.


As I am writing these words, a client is waiting on WhatsApp to get help with a list of disruptions that only a few years ago would be unimaginable. 


US-China (and the whole world) trade war.

New competitors.

New breakthrough technology making his products absolute.

Every kind of threat of ecological disaster from climate change to the catastrophic disappearance of forests.

New customer demands.

Just recently any ONE of these disruptions would, in the words of Nassim Taleb, be considered a black swan – so rare, nearly unthinkable.


Yet, at the moment, all the swans seem black. 

And that’s exactly why started the tradition of Masterclasses this Spring.

Our vision was simple: can we give people something REALLY useful – deep, but pragmatic – and also offer them a free no-strings-attached taste of our new digital course.

Hundreds of people showed up.

And after the Masterclass, SO many wrote back on how they used “Kill My Company” exercise or borrowed from the Knauf Insulation case.


I want YOU to get these tools as well – and if you did participate in the spring, I want you to get much more:

 🔥New data

 🔥New company cases

 🔥New energy

I so hope to see you there – the live Q&A is always the best part!

And if none of the dates work for you, you can register for a replay – and share it with your team or your clients to tackle changes you face together:

Three dates are available NEXT WEEK for you to choose from – (this is NOT pre-recorded, so if I mess up, it will be live ))) – Tuesday, September 17th, Thursday, September 19th or Saturday, September 21st. 

Grab your spot today – and make sure to bring your team, as well:


And now, an important disclaimer.

If you just want a quick ‘n’ easy reinvention fix, simple templates, and a-child-can-do-it steps, this isn’t for you.

But if you want to get crucial points on how to protect your business (and your career) no matter what crisis or disruption is coming, and get new insights and tools to instantly set you apart and make you a no-brainer partner to put in charge of a project, a training program, or a transformation effort…

…then I want you there!

So, here’s the registration page one last time → register for this free online private masterclass ($0.00)


P.S. Totally fine if you have zero experience dealing with change and reinvention! Your inner change leader might be deeply buried – but if s/he is there, then you’d better show up!


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