#1 All Over The World....What?! 🤭

reinvention podcast Jan 13, 2020

By now you already know that I am a bit of a freak. 

I am obsessed with one thing. Value.

Creating value, delivering real badass value, making a dent, that's big in my books. (As you could see in my last Facebook LIVE, I also own a lot of books about value. Pun intended ;))

The problem with value, however, is that it's hard to know at the moment on whether you created any.

Something looks like a real breakthrough - until months later you realized that you did not help, or perhaps even hurt somebody.

Often, you are left guessing. 

So when the amazing leadership + strategy thinker Dov Baron told me my interview was his #1 most popular episode of the year, I was like - MUST TELL EVERYONE.

Because here, there is no guessing.

Dov's show is consistently ranked #1 worldwide for C-suite executives and thousands of people listen to each episode. 

Their vote of confidence means one thing - this episode has value. And I want you to get only the best of what we have to offer:

Whether you are working on reinventing yourself, your organization, or your community, this episode has something for everyone>>

With 2020 starting with so many losses, let's make 2020 the year of value. We have so much value to create - and a lot more to protect.

P.S. Speaking of value, have you ever been to one of our Reinvention Happy Hours? It's free, it's live, it's online - and in January, we are talking about How to Think Like a Reinvention Expert:

Grab your spot here (and even if you can't make it, you will get a recording after)!


Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva helps companies such as Coca-Cola, Kohler, and IBM turn change and disruption into an opportunity.

Want to join this amazing reinvention community? Grab one of our free resources and you are in: https://www.learn2reinvent.com/freetools


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