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WE EXIST Reinvention Agency

Organizations as large as The Coca-Cola Company and as small as a local start-up hire us to help them reinvent.

We work on their products, processes, leadership practices and business models so that each meets market demands and prepares the company for incoming disruptions.

Composed entirely of practicing executives and consultants with decades of experience, WE EXIST Reinvention Agency takes the very best of what you have -- in terms of products, services, skills, and resources -- and finds even better ways of using them. This approach to reinvention allows you to transform challenges into unexpected opportunities and helps you ride the waves of change rather than being crushed by them.

The research shows that, worldwide, only 30% to 40% of all change and reinvention efforts reach the organization's transformation goals. 

To date, however, the WE EXIST Reinvention Agency team has a 100% success rate. Learn more about our work here>>


Reinvention Academy 

In 1908 Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration established the first MBA program, with 15 faculty members, 33 regular students, and 47 special students. While the world assumed that people should learn business on the job, Harvard foresaw and understood the new economic realities of the day, and responded by educating young people for a career in business, just as its medical school trained doctors and its law faculty trained lawyers. Finance, marketing, strategy, operations, and more became the pillars of the new profession. Thousands of schools around the world followed, making “MBA” among the most recognized educational solutions on the planet.

More than a 100 years later, it is easy to see that we due for another bold step. Technological breakthroughs that brought about the 4th industrial revolution, globalization, income inequality, environmental threats, generational gaps, and much more all contribute to the new VUCA world - volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. As a result, companies and their leaders are forced to deal with disruptive change more often than ever before - in fact, our research indicates that to stay in business today, you must reinvent yourself and your company ever 3.5 years. In this fast-moving roller-coaster reality just as we handle one crisis, another looms around the corner.

How do we survive - and even thrive? 

Reinvention Academy is an answer to this question. Created by practicing executives and thriving entrepreneurs, the Academy emerged out of a real and pressing need for new learning and development solutions for a new world

And today we invite you to join our 1 Billion Mission and explore our educational opportunities.


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