Aug 21, 2019

A few days ago, I had a very funny – and very honest – conversation.

We were having a virtual coffee with a client executive talking about reinvention tools and resources.
We talked about the need to go deep.
We complained about the world’s obsession with quick fixes.
We discussed the danger of simplification.

And then – in a split of a second – all that great philosophy went out of the window and the real life (with all its crazy schedule and competing priorities) took over.

“I know there are TONS of resources and tools to take me to the next level. But I can’t handle a lot right now. So, if you could give me just ONE, I would so appreciate it.”

I know the feeling oh so well.

No matter how much I want to go deep and wide every day, some days it’s just all too much.

And on those days I don’t need a lot – I need THE one answer.

So, I gave him my answer with zero hesitation – and then went on to record...

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